Meet Joshua


Joshua Obenauer cleaning windows about a year before his death.

Joshua never liked coffee, but he did enjoy a good hot chocolate!

Joshua and his dad, David Obenauer, had plans of opening a coffee house in the old quarry rock, Mundt building downtown Hartford. Together, along with Joshua's other siblings, they spent many hours renovating, painting, caulking, tuckpointing, and clearing out all the debris from a dilapidated building that would have been condemned. 

Joshua worked for his father's company cleaning high rise windows and implementing some of those same construction skills. At the age of 22, Joshua fell to his death in a worksite accident. 

Joshua's Coffee House exists as a memorial to Joshua, the product of hard work and a finished dream, but also as a space for the community to gather around a table, or in the garden, to slow down and appreciate the things that matter most.